CHARA Year Eight Science Review

Hosted by CHARA at Georgia State University

Atlanta, Georgia

February 29 - March 2, 2012

For the second year in a row, members of the CHARA collaboration gathered at GSU in the Aderhold Learning Center for a three-day review, opened by GSU President Mark Becker, of scientific and technical progress made during 2011. The scientific program was once again organized by Dr. Theo ten Brummelaar, CHARA's Associate Director. We thank Sandy Land and Susan McAlister for their efforts in daily catering and the Tuesday evening reception held at the University's Rialto Center for the Performing Arts.

Participants in "CHARA Year Eight" are shown in the photograph below.

Copies of the presentations at the CHARA Year Eight Science Review are available here:

Introductory Comments - Hal McAlister, GSU/CHARA, Atlanta

Upgrades in the Laboratory - Judit Sturmann, GSU/CHARA, Mount Wilson

Upgrades and Fixes - Laszlo Sturmann, GSU/CHARA, Mount Wilson

Throughput, Magnitude Limits and the Baseline Solution - Theo ten Brummelaar, GSU/CHARA, Mount Wilson

Weather and Seeing Statistics - Nils Turner, GSU/CHARA, Mount Wilson

Observers Report - P.J. Goldfinger, GSU/CHARA, Mount Wilson

Sydney University Stellar Interferometer Update - Peter Tuthill, U. Sydney, Sydney

VEGA: Status and Future Plans - Denis Mourard, OCA, Nice

JouFLU: an Upgraded FLUOR Beam Combiner at the CHARA Array - Emilie Lhome, Paris Obs., Paris

NOI Update - Don Hutter, USNO, Flagstaff

NOI Science Vision - Gerard van Belle, Lowell Obs., Flagstaff

MROI Update - Michelle Creech-Eakman, New Mexico Tech, Socorro

VLTI Update - Francoise Delplancke, ESO, Garching

MIRC 6T Upgrade - Xiao Che, U. Michigan, Ann Arbor

CHAMP Update - Fabien Baron, U. Michigan, Ann Arbor

PAVO Update - Peter Tuthill, U. Sydney, Sydney

Update on Keck-I and LBTI - Rafael Millan-Gabet, Caltech, Pasadena

MIRC 6T Upgrade & Imaging Results - Fabien Baron, U. Michigan, Ann Arbor

HR 8799 Final Results - Ellyn Baines, Naval Research Lab, Washington

Revealing the Disk in epsilon Aurigae Using Multi-Epoch Interferometry - Brian Kloppenborg, U. Denver, Denver

How Old Are the A Stars? - Jeremy Jones, GSU/CHARA, Atlanta

Diameters in the beta Pic Moving Group - Michael Simon, Stony Brook U., Stony Brook

Yes, CHARA Can Image Cool Star Spots, But Can it See them Move? - Rob Parks, GSU/CHARA, Atlanta

Exoplanet Host Star Investigations with VEGA/CHARA - Roxanne Ligi, OCA, Nice

Recent Results from Keck - Gerard van Belle, Lowell Obs., Flagstaff

Delicious Diameters of M Dwarfs - Tabetha Boyajian, GSU/CHARA, Atlanta

Status of Hot Dust Survey and Other FLUOR Science - Vincent du Foresto, Paris Obs., Paris

JouFLU and the Evolution of Debris Disks - Nicholas Scott, GSU/CHARA, Atlanta

First Imaging of the H-band Wind of P Cygni - Noel Richardson, GSU/CHARA, Atlanta

Circumstellar Environments with VEGA/CHARA - Isabelle Tallon-Bosc, CRAL, Lyon

To SFP or Not to SFP - Deepak Raghavan, GSU/CHARA, Atlanta

Imaging delta Sco with MIRC 6T - Xiao Che, U. Michigan, Ann Arbor

Binary Star SFP Program Update - Chris Farrington, GSU/CHARA, Atlanta

Circumstellar Disks Around Rapidly Rotating Be Stars - Yamina Touhami, GSU/CHARA, Atlanta

PAVO/CHARA Follow-Uo of Kepler Stars - Daniel Huber, U. Sydney, Sydney

Stellar Diameters and Disk Asymmetries in Be Stars - Gail Schaefer, GSU/CHARA, Mount Wilson

Climb Data Reduction Pipeline Tutorial - Theo ten Brummelaar, GSU/CHARA, Mount Wilson

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