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16" (0.4 m) Boller & Chivens Telescope

photo of 16" B&C taken by Reed Riddle

The east dome of HLCO is home to an f/18 16" Boller & Chivens classical cassegrain telescope. From 1964 to 1986, the telescope was one of the research work- horses of the National Optical Astronomy Observatory's (NOAO) Kitt Peak National Observatory located near Tuscon, Arizona. The development of larger aperture telescope combined with budgetary cutbacks forced NOAO to no longer support their smaller telescopes. In a competative bidding process, GSU won the opportunity to house the #3 16" B&C (with parts from #4) closer to home. This sparked the construction of HLCO and has inspired many GSU faculty, staff, and students to use the observatory facilities for their professional research projects. Such research includes: aperture masking, speckle interferometry, open cluster photometry, AGN variabiity studies, binary star orbit determinations, and a host of engineering projects.

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