Sallie Cruise


You may also want to look at my husband's homepage or at some happy snaps. If you are really bored you can look at our Photo Album. look here, but you'd probably only do that if you knew us! If you are still curious about some of our travels, we did a second trip to LA, this time moving our actual selves to Pasadena. We also write a newsletter home to Australia on occasion and you can find coppies of it here. The PAL party on 12th November 2004 can be seen here. If you are curious to know about a trip we took by truck to LA have a

Another mug shot:

Me amongst our lovely set of instruments. We have collected more since this time, but you get the general idea.

More to come...... I just set this up. OK, I set it up years ago, but I do intend to add to it one day.