RECONS Senior Personnel

census, companion searches, exoplanets, masses, ground and space astrometry, astroinformatics

G. FRITZ BENEDICT   University of Texas, Austin, TX
low mass stars, exoplanets, space astrometry, radial velocities

CHARLIE T. FINCH   United States Naval Observatory, Washington, DC
proper motion systems, astrometry

OTTO G. FRANZ   Lowell Observatory, Flagstaff, AZ
multiple systems, ground and space astrometry

DAVID A. GOLIMOWSKI   Space Telescope Science Institute, Baltimore, MD
companion searches, brown dwarfs, spectroscopy

NIGEL HAMBLY   University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
proper motion stars, astrometry, plate photometry, astroinformatics

PHILIP A. IANNA   University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA
low mass stars, astrometry, optical photometry

HARTMUT JAHREISS   Astronomiches Rechen, Heidelberg, Germany
stellar populations, kinematics

WEI-CHUN JAO   Research Scientist, Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA
subdwarfs, high proper motion stars, astrometry, optical photometry, astroinformatics

DAVID W. KOERNER   Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, AZ
circumstellar disks, infrared techniques

DONALD W. MCCARTHY, Jr.   University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ
infrared techniques, astronomy education

DOUGLAS A. SIMONS   Gemini Telescopes Project, Hilo, HI
wide companion searches, deep imaging

JOHN SUBASAVAGE   United States Naval Observatory, Flagstaff, AZ
white dwarfs, proper motion searches, astrometry, optical photometry/spectroscopy

ANGELLE TANNER   Mississippi State University, Starkville, MS
exoplanet searches, debris disks, radial velocities, astrometry


RECONS Affiliates

MARK BOYD   (2009-present)   Madison, WI
proper motion stars, red dwarf/white dwarf pairs, wide multiples

JUSTIN RODRIGUEZ   (2013-present)   Atlanta, GA
database construction

KEN SLATTEN   (2010-present)   Duluth, MN
database construction, astroinformatics


RECONS-Affiliated Postdocs

ADRIC RIEDEL   (2007-present)   Hunter College/American Museum of Natural History, New York, NY
young stars, low proper motion stars, stellar spectroscopy, astroinformatics


RECONS Graduate Students

JOEY CHATELAIN   (2009-present)   Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA
Jupiter's Greeks and Trojans, Solar System studies

CASSY DAVISON   (2009-present)   Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA
stellar companion searches, red dwarf multiplicity

SERGIO DIETERICH   (2002-present)   Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA
red/brown dwarf characteristics, high-resolution imaging, optical photometry, astrometry

TIFFANY PEWETT   (2012-present)   Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA
Centaurs, Solar System studies

MICHELE SILVERSTEIN   (2013-present)   Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA
stellar environments, instrumentation

JENNIFER WINTERS   (2003-present)   SMARTS Fellow, Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA
nearby star searches, red dwarf companion searches, optical photometry, astroinformatics


RECONS Undergraduate Students

ALTONIO HOSEY   (2011-present)   Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA
proper motion stars, red dwarf census, stellar variability

JOHN LURIE   (2012-present)   Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA
astrometric error analysis


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