OK, OK so these haven't changed in ages.... I'll do it soon I promise. In the mean time you will notice I did change the real homepage.

Our babies!

This is Theo being a tourist in LA. It's not a bad place to be actually.... apart from the smell in some places.

Here we see what years of education can do for a bloke. After several years of work CHARA finally `broke ground' at Mount Wilson CA for the CHARA Array. Of course we decided to use a radio microphone on the mountain that holds every TV transmitter for the city of LA...... that's Theo being an shielding device.

This is a neat place in Nashville (a lovely little town, if you like music). It's (obviously) the old RCA Studio B where people like Elvis what-sit and thing-y recorded stuff. It's a great place to visit if you are `into sound man'. Otherwise not.

The lovely Sallie at Disney World's radio station. Can you tell we once worked as technicians in a radio station?

Here's Theo's patented method for avoiding Olympic Fever, and of course students as well.

Now that you have a suitably shallow view of us we'll give you one more mug shot: `Theo standing victorious after completing PhD with advisor safely out of the way....'

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