Friday, September 22, 2017
CHARA Conference Room


The CHARA Futures Meeting was held at the CHARA Array on Friday, September 22, 2017.  The meeting provided an opportunity to consider possible future developments for the CHARA Array while enjoying the inspiring setting of Mount Wilson.


10:00 am Background Considerations

  1. Observational and science goals [Gail]
    higher angular resolution (longer baselines, smaller wavelength)
    more (u,v) and closure phase coverage (imaging)
    fainter targets (larger apertures, higher efficiency optics)
  2. Challenges in the original construction [Steve]
  3. Relation to the time line for CHARA AO and automation programs [Nils]
    AO Update [Theo]
  4. Context within U.S. and international interferometry plans [Theo]
  5. Additional sites on Mount Wilson [Larry]
  6. Telescope specifications [Laszlo]
    Mixed aperture sizes
    Limits for aluminization
    Mounts, relay optics, AO

12:00 pm Group photograph and lunch with staff

1:00 pm Operational and Planning Considerations

  1. Light pipe construction versus "fibers all the way" [Judit]
    Slides for topics covered by Judit
  2. Integration of additional baselines in OPLE lab or additional needed infrastructure [Judit]
  3. Consequences for the beam switch yard [Judit]
  4. Consequences for the beam combiners [Judit]
  5. Operational considerations (limits on delay) [Chris]
  6. Outreach opportunities [Gail]
  7. Realities of MWI, Carnegie, and Forest Service [Hal]
  8. Budget, personnel, and timing scenarios [Theo]
  9. Funding sources [Hal]
  10. Possible next steps [Doug]
    Draft a conceptual Technical Report
    Solicit comments from CHARA Collaboration members
    Arrange a special session at the next CHARA Meeting

4:00 pm Finish and/or hike to potential sites [Larry]


Participants from left to right: Steve Ridgway, Gail Schaefer, Doug Gies, Judit Sturmann, John Monnier, Craig Woods, Theo ten Brummelaar, Nils Turner, Alicia Rice, Chris Farrington, Larry Webster, Laszlo Sturmann, Matt Anderson, Robert Klement, Hal McAlister, Norm Vargas.  Remote participants: Fabien Baron, Russel White.