CHARA Data Policy

Data from the CHARA Array is made public after an 18-month proprietary period with the following exceptions:

  • Data obtained for a graduate student’s thesis work.

  • Data that are part of a long-term survey.

Data Access

To access our archive of raw data, contact CHARA Data Scientist, Jeremy Jones (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) to set up an account on our Remote Data Reduction Machine. To see what data is in the archive, check out the CHARA Online Database Portal.

CHARA Online Database Portal

This webapp, hosted on the CHARA server in Atlanta allows the user to search through our archive. On the landing page, you can find on the page a list of features currently implemented and some features we would like to implement in the future. This document describes how the webapp and the database were created. You can provide any feedback you have on the database, requests for new features, or information on entries that are missing in the database here.