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Monday, 20 Feb 2006 | Intro & Hardware Issues

Topic Speaker
Welcome Aufdenberg
Introduction McAlister
Facilities Overview and Plans for Immediate Expansion ten Brummelaar
Beam Combination, Pops and Alignment Issues J. Sturmann
BRT Mount & CCD Tiptilt Design/Performance L. Sturmann
MIRC commissioning run Monnier
MIRC Fringe tracker Berger
FLUOR Status and Upgrades du Foresto/Merand
VEGA and CHARA Mourard
Weather and Seeing Turner
Observing Realities and Constraints Goldfinger
CHARA and AO Bagnuolo
General Discussion All

Tuesday, 21 Feb 2006 | Science in 2005

Topic Speaker
Inspection of Expolanet Systems Baines
Expanding the Duquennoy and Mayor Surve Farrington
Cepheid and Polaris Merand
Alpha Cep van Belle
Lambda Boo Ciardi
Life in the First Lobe Aufdenberg
12 Per separated fringe packet astrometry Bagnolo
P Cyg ten Brummelaar
Vega and its surrounds Absil
Hot stars and disks Gies
CHARA and the six dwarfs Berger
O Star Survey Turner

Wednesday, 22 Feb 2006 | Future Science

Topic Speaker
MIRCy science Monnier
Candidate Spectroscopic Binaries for the CHARA Array Fekel
Scientific rationale for VEGA Stee
Future FLUOR science du Foresto
Double fringe packets and self calibration ten Brummelaar
Polarimetry Ireland
CHAMP (CHARA Michigan Phase-tracker) Berger
SelfCal and separated fringe packet astrometry ten Brummelaar
Life in the second lobe Aufdenberg
Future MSC science van Belle/Ciardi

Thursday, 23 Feb 2006 | Discussion Groups 

Topic Speaker
TAC formation, decision making Ridgway
CHARA sensitivity – what can be done ten Brummelaar
YSO's and Disks Monnier
Future funding and directions McAlister