At the kind invitation of Dr. Rebecca Oppenheimer, members of the CHARA collaboration gathered at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City for a two-day review of scientific and technical progress made during 2006. This happened in coincidence with the opening of a new exhibit on [exoplanet detection instrumentation]( On display in this exhibit is the famous 20-ft Michelson Interferometer, on special loan to the AMNH, which was used on the Mount Wilson 100-inch telescope from 1919 to about 1927. That instrument began the Mount Wilson tradition of interferometry, which culminates today with the CHARA Array.

Group photo

List of talks

Topic Speaker
Beam Combination Laboratory Upgrades Judit Sturmann
Telescope Alignment and Wavefront Sensing Laszlo Sturmann
Michigan Infrared Beam Combiner (MIRC) John Monnier
The CHARA-Michigan Phase Tracker (CHAMP) David Berger
FLUOR Technical Issues Vincent du Foresto
The VEGA Project Denis Mourard
IONIC for CHARA (I4C) Jean-Philippe Berger
The Precision Astronomical Visible Observations (PAVO) Instrument for CHARA Michael Ireland
CHARA Classic Throughput Theo ten Brummelaar
Weather, Seeing and Queue Status at the CHARA Array Nils Turner
The Case for Spatial Filtering CHARA Classic Gerard van Belle
Observing from AROC in Atlanta Ellyn Baines
Observing Realities and Constraints for 2006 P.J Goldfinger
Inspection and Characterization of Exoplanets' Host Stars Ellyn Baines
Finalizing the CHARA Separated Fringe Packet Survey Chris Farrington
Separated Fringe Packet Analysis Deepak Raghavan
Main Sequence Stellar Diameters with the CHARA Array Tabetha Boyajian
Recent Work on eta Orionis David O'Brien
MIRC Recent Science John Monnier
Studying Cepheids Using Optical Interferometry Antoine Merand
The Angular Diameter of lambda Bootis David Ciardi
CHARA Observations of Emission Line B Stars Douglas Gies
Spinning and Limb Darkening Jason Aufdenberg
FLUOR Science Vincent du Foresto
VEGA Science Potential Philippe Stee
Status Report on YSO & Main Sequence Stellar Dust Rafael Milan-Gabet
Red Dwarf Update David Berger