Although there was not a gathering of the CHARA Collaboration in 2008, we made up for that omission with a wonderful three-day meeting to review our fifth year of CHARA Array science at the Nice Observatory. The meeting was graciously hosted by the Observatoire de la Côte d'Azur and the Laboratoire FIZEAU.

The scientific program was organized by Theo ten Brummelaar, CHARA's Associate Director. The local arrangements were beautifully and memorably managed by Denis Mourard and Phillipe Stee of OCA, and we thank them for making the Nice Observatory such a spectacular and hospitable venue for this meeting. We also gratefully acknowledge the Observatoire de la Côte d'Azur, the Laboratoire FIZEAU, the Université de Nice, and the CNRS (Programme National de Physique Stellaire et Action Spécifique Haute Résolution Angulaire) for their generous financial support that was critical for enabling this invigorating meeting.

Group photo

List of talks

Monday, March 16, 2009 | CHARA Instrumentation and Observing Updates:

Topic Speaker
Introductory Comments Hal McAlister, GSU/CHARA, Atlanta
Observing Trends and Throughput Theo ten Brummelaar, GSU/CHARA, Mount Wilson
News from the CHARA Array Beam Combination Lab Judit Sturmann, GSU/CHARA, Mount Wilson
Improving Beam Quality: New Telescope Alignment Procedure Laszlo Sturmann, GSU/CHARA, Mount Wilson
Site Report and Notes Larry Webster, GSU/CHARA, Mount Wilson
MIRC/CHAMP Status and Updates Ming Zhao, UM, Ann Arbor
FLUOR Status and Future Plans Vincent Foresto, Paris Obs., Meudon
PAVO, SUSI and ROCS: Status and Future Plans Michael Ireland, U. Sydney, Sydney
VEGA: Status and Future Plans Denis Mourard, OCA, Nice
Weather and Seeing Statistics Nils Turner, GSU/CHARA, Mount Wilson
2008 Nightly Reports and Remote Observing P.J. Goldfinger, GSU/CHARA, Mount Wilson
VEGA Remote Observing Jean-Michel Clausse, GSU/CHARA, OCA, Nice


Tuesday, March 17, 2009 | CHARA Instrumentation and Observing Updates (cont.):

Topic Speaker
Overview of CHARA AO: Planning and Concepts Steve Ridgway, NOAO, Tucson
Calibration Tips Tabetha Boyajian, GSU/CHARA, Atlanta


Tuesday, March 17, 2009 | Science from the CHARA Array:

Topic Speaker
The Diameters of M Dwarfs Gerard van Belle, ESO, Garching
A Survey of Stellar Families Multiplicity of Solar-Type Stars Deepak Raghavan, GSU/CHARA, Atlanta
Hot Dust in Debris Disks Rachel Akeson, NExScI, Pasadena
Masses and Radii of Young Stars Russel White, GSU/CHARA, Atlanta


Wednesday, March 18, 2009 | Science from the CHARA Array (cont):

Topic Speaker
Observations of Be Star Disks with the CHARA Array Yamina Touhami, GSU/CHARA, Atlanta
Imaging Stars and Hot Jupiters with the CHARA Interferometer Ming Zhao, UM, Ann Arbor
Dynamite Diameters: Update on A, F and G Dwarfs Tabetha Boyajian, GSU/CHARA, Atlanta
First Science Results with VEGA I. Karine Perraut, OCA, Nice
First Science Results with VEGA II. Philippe Stee, OCA, Nice
Massive Star Diameters Measured with CHARA/PAVO Noel Richardson, GSU/CHARA, Atlanta
Closure Phase Interferometry: Progress on lambda Andromedae Rob Parks, GSU/CHARA, Atlanta
FLUOR Science: Recent Results and Ongoing Projects Emmanuel Di Folco, Paris Obs., Meudon
Observing Massive Binaries with the CHARA Array Doug Gies, GSU/CHARA, Atlanta
Modeling the Disk of zeta Tauri Using MIRC Gail Schaefer, GSU/CHARA, Mount Wilson
The Separated Fringe Packet Survey Chris Farrington, GSU/CHARA, Mount Wilson
Separated Fringe Packets: Results and Prospects Brian Mason, USNO, Washington
Self-Calibrating Multiple Systems David O'Brien, GSU/CHARA, Atlanta
Characterizing Exoplanet Host Giant Stars Ellyn Baines, NRL, Washington
Co-Phasing Activities at ONERA Kamel Houairi, Paris Obs., Meudon