Hosted by CHARA Atlanta, Georgia March 18-20, 2015 The CHARA collaboration gathered on the Georgia State University campus in the Aderhold Learning Center for a three-day review of scientific and technical progress made during 2014 with an emphasis on the advent of adaptive optics at the Array. The non-technical aspects of the meeting were organized by CHARA's Business Manager Brenda Stith. The scientific program was once again organized by Theo ten Brummelaar, CHARA's Associate Director. A reception was held at Dania's Restaurant at Five Points, the heart of old downtown Atlanta on the first evening of the meeting.



Topic Speaker
Introductory Comments Hal McAlister, GSU/CHARA, Atlanta
Update on AO Installation: The Telescope Side Laszlo Sturmann, GSU/CHARA, Mount Wilson
CHARA AO Calibration Process Judit Sturmann, GSU/CHARA, Mount Wilson
VLTI Update Jean-Philippe Berger, ESO, Garching
Developments at the NPOI During 2014-2015 Don Hutter, USNO, Flagstaff
Proposed NPOI Upgrade Gerard van Belle, Lowell Observatory, Flagstaff
NPOI Observations with Short Baselines: Big Fluffy Stars and Geosats Henrique Schmitt, NRL, Washington
MROI Update Michelle Creech-Eakman, New Mexico Tech, Socorro
SUSI/PAVO Update Dan Huber, U. Sydney, Sydney
Weather & Seeing Stats and Control System Upgrades Nils Turner, GSU/CHARA, Mount Wilson
Classic, CLIMB, the Baseline Solution and Phase II AO Theo ten Brummelaar, GSU/CHARA, Mount Wilson
VEGA Recent Results: Perspective of 6T Visible Combiner Denis Mourard, OCA, Nice
First Light with the FRIEND Visible Fibered Combiner Phillippe Berio, OCA, Nice
The CHARA/JMMC Data Archiving Project Chris Farrington, GSU/CHARA, Mount Wilson
The Planet Formation Imager Project Gerard van Belle, Lowell Observatory, Flagstaff
Improvements on Visibility Estimation from Two-Beam Interferometers Paul Nunez, JPL, Pasadena
SIMTOI: A 5D, GPU-Accelerated OI Modeling Tool Watch video presentation here Brian Kloppenborg, ArrayFire, Atlanta
JouFLU First Science Nic Scott, GSU/CHARA, Mount Wilson
Fundamental Properties of O- and B-Type Stars Katie Gordon, GSU/CHARA, Atlanta
Changing the Color of the Stars: ALOHA at CHARA Francois Reynaud, U. Limoges, Limoges, France
Age of the Ursa Major Moving Group Jeremy Jones, GSU/CHARA, Atlanta
The Massive Interacting Binary Star MWC314 Doug Gies, GSU/CHARA, Atlanta
An Imaging Survey of Red Supergiants Ryan Norris, GSU/CHARA, Atlanta
Microlensing Observations with an Interferometer Arnaud Cassan, Inst. Astrophysics, Paris
First Direct Detection of Star Spots: Imaging lambda Andromedae Rob Parks, GSU/CHARA, Atlanta
Imaging Spotted RS CVn Binaries Rachel Roettenbacher, U Michigan, Ann Arbor
Precise Sizes of Exoplanet Hosts Identified by TESS Russel White, GSU/CHARA, Atlanta
Orbital Obliquities of Small Planets from Direct Measurement of Stellar Diameters Sam Quinn, GSU/CHARA, Atlanta
Exoplanet Host Star Characterization Kaspar von Braun, Lowell Observatory, Flagstaff
Complete CHARActerization of the HD 18977 & 209458 Systems Tabetha Boyajian, Yale U., New Haven
Detection of the Faint Companion of the Be Star 59 Cyg Gail Schaefer, GSU/CHARA, Mount Wilson