Members of the CHARA Collaboration meeting met on the campus of the Pôle Universitaire Saint-Jean d'Angély in Nice France on the Côte d'Azur to discuss the scientific and instrumentation developments of the year.

Group Photo

Topic Speaker
The CHARA Strategic Plan Douglas Gies, GSU/CHARA, Atlanta
Update on the Adaptive Optics Program, Funding, and the MSIP proposal Theo ten Brummelaar, GSU/CHARA, Mt. Wilson
Seven Years of CHARA/NOAO Community Access Steve Ridgway, NOAO, Tucson
Update on the NPOI Gerard van Belle, Lowell Obs., Flagstaff
An Update on the VLTI Jean-Philippe Berger, ESO
The Magdalena Ridge Observatory Interferometer: A New Path to First Light Chris Haniff, University of Cambridge
Observing and Scheduling Follies Christopher Farrington, GSU/CHARA, Mt. Wilson
Weather, Seeing and Other Sundries Nils Turner, GSU/CHARA, Mt. Wilson
Telescope Alignment After AO Installation Lazlo Sturmann, GSU/CHARA, Mt. Wilson
New Findings About Alignment with AO Judit Sturmann, GSU/CHARA, Mt. Wilson
GRAVITY Aquistion Camera Anugu Narsireddy, University of Porto
MIRCx: Enabling 6-Telescope Imaging of Protoplanetary Disks Stefan Kraus, University of Exeter
Plans for the New K-band Combiner MYSTIC John Monnier, University of Michigan
ALOHA: General Presentation of the Project and Current Efforts François Reynaud, XLIM
On-sky Ability of ALOHA/CHARA at 1.55 μm to Detect Astronomical Sources in H Pascaline Darré , XLIM
Implementation of ALOHA Up-conversion Interferometer at 3.39 μm(L Band) Ludovic Szemendera, XLIM
Nearby Red Supergiants with the CHARA Interferometer Miguel Montargès , IRAM
Complex Closure Amplitudes: Useful? Fabien Baron , CHARA/GSU Atlanta
PAVO Science Update Tim White , University of Aarhus
VEGA: Status and Science Overview Nicolas Nardetto , Lagrange/OCA
Long Baseline Interferometry in the Visible: First Results of the FRIEND Project Marc-Antoine Martinod, Lagrange/OCA
Diameters and Effective Temperatures of Benchmark Stars Orlagh Creevey, Lagrange/OCA
Fundamental Properties of O- and B-type Stars Katie Gordon (Presented by Doug Gies), CHARA/GSU Atlanta
Data Analysis and Preliminary Results of the JouFLU Exozodi Survey Paul Nunez, JPL Pasadena
Results from the Exozodi Variability Study Nicolas Scott, CHARA/GSU Mt. Wilson
Imaging the Pleiades Florentin Millour, Lagrange/OCA
Updates on an Imaging Survey of Red Supergiants with MIRC Ryan Norris, CHARA/GSU Atlanta
Imaging Spotted Giant Stars Rachel Roettenbacher, University of Michigan
Interferometric Observations of Microlensing Events Clément Ranc, IAP/Paris
Unlocking the Potential of Cepheids as Primary Distance Calibrators Pierre Kervella, OBSPM & CNRS UMI-FCA Chile
Flux Distribution at the Surface of Rotating Cool Stars Michel Rieutord, OMP/Toulouse
Last Results on the Characterization of Exoplanets and their Stellar Hosts with VEGA/CHARA Roxanne Ligi, Lagrange/OCA
The Ages of A-Stars Jeremy Jones, CHARA/GSU Atlanta
Overview of MIRC Observations of Be Stars in 2015 Gail Schaefer, CHARA/GSU, Mt. Wilson
Introduction - Science with Visible Beam Combiners Denis Mourard, OCA
The Visible Light Roadmap Nicolas Nardetto,
Imaging from IR to Visible John Monnier, Univeristy of Michigan
Imaging with Spectral Resolution Florentin Millour, Lagrange/OCA
Large Science Program on Fundamental Parameters of Stars Denis Mourard, OCA
First Results on an Integrated Optics 3T Multiaxial Beam Combiner for New Generation Instrument VEGA/CHARA Guillermo Martin (Presented by Karine Perraut)
Point of View from PAVO Mike Ireland, ANU
Update on VISION Gerard van Belle, Lowell Obs., Flagstaff
Introduction-Interfacing with Adaptive Optics and Fringe Tracking Denis Mourard, OCA
Optimization of Coupling between AO and SMF Cyril Petit, ONERA
Fringe Tracking and Gravity Karine Perraut, IPAG
MYSTICx as a Fringe Tracker Stefan Kraus, Univesity of Exeter
Introduction- Control Oeration DRS Denis Mourard, OCA
Open Questions Jean-Michel Clausse, OCA
CHARA Control and Software Point of View Theo ten Brumelaar, CHARA/GSU, Mt. Wilson
JMMC Point of View Gilles Duvert
Project Organization Denis Mourard, OCA
CHARA Project Organization Point of View Theo ten Brumelaar, CHARA/GSU, Mt. Wilson