Members of the CHARA collaboration gathered at GSU in Atlanta for a three-day review of scientific and technical progress made during 2010. The scientific program was once again organized by Dr. Theo ten Brummelaar, CHARA's Associate Director. We thank Sandy Land and Susan McAlister for their efforts in daily catering and the Tuesday evening reception held at the University's Rialto Center for the Performing Arts.

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2011 group photo

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List of talks

Topic Speaker
Introductory Comments Hal McAlister, GSU/CHARA, Atlanta
NIRO, CLIMB and Other Upgrades in the Laboratory Judit Sturmann, GSU/CHARA, Mount Wilson
Throughput, Baseline Solution & the CLIMB Data Pipeline Theo ten Brummelaar, GSU/CHARA, Mount Wilson
Telescope Alignment and Wavefront Sensing Laszlo Sturmann, GSU/CHARA, Mount Wilson
Weather and Seeing Statistics Nils Turner, GSU/CHARA, Mount Wilson
FLUOR Status and Future Plans Vincent du Foresto, Paris Obs., Meudon
Spectral Dispersion and FLUOR Nic Scott, GSU/CHARA, Atlanta
VEGA: Status and Future Plans Denis Mourard, OCA, Nice
MIRC and CHAMP: Update and Status John Monnier, UM, Ann Arbor
NExScI Interferometry Tools: getCAL and VMT Rachel Akeson, NExScI, Pasadena
Using Up-Conversion Interferometers for High Resolution Imaging with CHARA Francois Reynaud, XLIM, Limoges
Visibility Self Calibration Bertrand Messesson, Caltech, Pasadena
MROI Update Michelle Creech-Eakman, MRO, Socorro
NPOI Update Don Hutter, USNO, Flagstaff
VLTI and PRIMA Update Gerard van Belle, ESO, Garching
Keck Update Rachel Akeson, NExScI, Pasadena
Prospects for Imaging with VEGA Florentin Millour, OCA, Nice
Imaging with MIRC: Current Results and Prospects Fabien Baron, UM, Ann Arbor
NOAO 2010/2011 TAC Status and ReSTAR Hal McAlister, GSU/CHARA, Atlanta
Update on AO at CHARA Steve Ridgway, NOAO, Tucson
Observers Report P.J. Goldfinger, GSU/CHARA, Mount Wilson
Recent Results from VEGA Denis Mourard, OCA, Nice
Images and Models of the epsilon Aurigae System Brian Kloppenborg, UD, Denver
A Look Inside the Disk of the &epsilon Aurigae System Robert Stencel, UD, Denver
Binary Star Orbits with the CHARA Array Chris Farrington, GSU/CHARA, Mount Wilson
SUSI Update Daniel Huber, U. Sydney, Sydney
Resolving Spectroscpopic Binaries in the Hyades Cluster Gail Schaefer, GSU/CHARA, Mount Wilson
CHARA 96 & Are You Sirius? Theo ten Brummelaar, GSU/CHARA, Mount Wilson
Self-Calibrating Multiple Systems David O'Brien, GSU/CHARA, Atlanta
Multi-Wavelength CHARA Observations of Rapid Rotators Xiao Che, UM, Ann Arbor
Diameters and Temperatures of Main Sequence Stars Tabetha Boyajian, GSU/CHARA, Atlanta
Interferometric Study to Determine A-star Ages Using CHARA (ISAAC) Jeremy Jones GSU/CHARA, Atlanta
PAVO Analysis Pipeline Update and First Science Results on Angular Diameters Daniel Huber, U. Sydney, Sydney
Preliminary Results for Hot Stars with CHARA/PAVO Noel Richardson, GSU/CHARA, Atlanta
Astrophysical Parameters of Sexy Exoplanet Host Stars Plus Associated Consequences Kaspar von Braun, NExScI, Pasadena
Observations of the Imaged Exoplanet Host Star HR 8799 Ellyn Baines, NRL, Washington
Can CHARA Image Cool Starspot? A Case Study of &lambda Andromedae Rob Parks, GSU/CHARA, Atlanta
Multi-Wavelength Study of Circumstellar Disks Yamina Touhami, GSU/CHARA, Atlanta