On March 15, 2017 we will hold a workshop for astronomers interested in applying for community access time at the CHARA Array.  This is part of a new NSF MSIP supported program to provide about 50 nights of open access time at the Array each year.  Proposals will be due through the next NOAO Call for Proposals at the end of March.  The workshop will provide an overview on interferometry, the science capabilities of the CHARA Array, and how to prepare and apply for observing time.  We will include a session where participants can talk with CHARA staff and observers to discuss and develop plans for future science programs.

The CHARA Community workshop will be held at the Carnegie Observatories in Pasadena, California.  To register for the CHARA Community Workshop please fill out the registration form and select the date for the workshop.  The workshop will be held in coordination with the 2017 CHARA Science Meeting.