LITpro - Model Fitting Software

LITpro is model fitting software developed and maintained by JMMC.  It can be used to model interferometric data written in the OIFITS format.  The software provides a set of geometric and limb-darkening functions that can fit to visibilities, squared visibilities, and triple products.  It provides plots to visualize the data, models, and results of the fits.  Tools have been developed to help users find the global minimum.

Visit the LITpro page.


CANDID - Companion Analysis and Non-Detection in Interferometric Data

The CANDID software is a suite of Python2.7 tools to detect faint binary companions in interferometric data in the OIFITS format.  The software was developed by Antoine Mérand and Alexandre Gallenne.  CANDID allows users to systematically search for faint companions, and if not found, to estimate the detection limit.

Download the CANDID software.


SIMTOI - SImulation and Modeling Tool for Optical Interferometry

SIMTOI is a general-purpose model fitting program for optical interferometry developed by Brian Kloppenborg. It is designed to model complex astrophysical sources whose analytic Fourier transform is not easily computed. SIMTOI leverages the Open Graphics Language (OpenGL) and the Open Compute Language (OpenCL) to convert and compare its 3D, time- and wavelength-dependent models with several different types of data. SIMTOI can be used for simulation, visualization, minimization, and model selection problems.

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