CHARA Staff at Mount Wilson

Narsireddy Anugu - Optical Systems Scientist - astronomical instrumentation, software, young stellar objects and stellar evolution

Theo ten Brummelaar - Emeritus Director - stellar interferometry, atmospheric turbulence theory

Victor Castillo - Assistant Site Manager - keeping the operational wheels greased

Chris Farrington - Chief Operations Scientist - duplicity surveys

Becky Flores - Graduate Research Assistant - Array Operator, low mass binary stars

Steve Golden - Assistant Site Manager - keeping the operational wheels greased

Rainer Köhler - Postdoctoral Research Associate - CMAP mobile telescope project, adaptive optics, interferometry

Karolina Kubiak - Postdoctoral Research Associate - Adaptive optics, Optical alignments

Cyprien Lanthermann - Visitor Support Scientist - CLASSIC++ Development, Massive Stars

Robert Ligon - Instrument Scientist - astronomical instrumentation, mobile telescope project

Olli Majoinen - Interferometer Array Operator

Steve Ridgway - Adjunct Professor - infrared astronomy, interferometry, stellar evolution

Gail Schaefer - Director of the CHARA Array - young binary stars, circumstellar disks

Nic Scott - Telescope Systems Scientist - astronomical instrumentation, interferometry (long-baseline, speckle), exozodiacal dust

Nils Turner - Technology Scientist - adaptive optics, optical and IR interferometry

Norm Vargas - Interferometer Array Operator

Larry Webster - Optics Specialist

Craig Woods - Site Manager - keeping the operational wheels greased


Local Contact Phone Numbers

Main Office: 626-796-3730

Control Room: 626-796-8468


Faculty & Research Scientists at Georgia State University in Atlanta

Douglas Gies - Director of CHARA and Regents' Professor - Be star phenomena, hot stars, stellar winds

Fabien Baron - Associate Professor - interferometric imaging and modeling of stars, YSOs, AGNs

Jeremy Jones - CHARA Data Scientist - Ages of A type stars, rapidly rotating stars

Hal McAlister - Regents' Professor Emeritus - fundamental stellar properties

Deepak Raghavan - Adjunct Scientist - exoplanet systems, stellar multiplicity

Stephen Ridgway - Adjunct Professor - NOIR Lab contact for open access time

Russel White - Associate Professor - stars, brown dwarfs and planet formation


Administrative Staff in Atlanta

Alicia Rice - Business Manager - keeping the financial wheels greased


Graduate Students in Atlanta

Becky Flores - Graduate Research Assistant - Low Mass Binary Stars

KhaDeem Coumerbatch - Graduate Research Assistant - Solar Analogs \

Madison Leblanc - Graduate Research Assistant - Interacting Binaries

Katherine Shepard - Graduate Research Assistant - Massive interacting binaries

Peter Wysocki - Graduate Research Assistant - Be Stars


CHARA Email Lists

CHARA Setup - Setup Requests: charasetup (at)

CHARA Observing - Observing reports and general announcements: charaobservingreport (at)

CHARA Tech - Technical reports and discussions: charatechnicalreport (at)

CHARA Staff - Staff on mountain and in Atlanta: charastaff (at)

CHARA Engineering - Internal list for planning engineering nights (mountain staff): charaengineering (at)



Caleb Abbott (Ph. D. 2022) - Postdoctoral Associate at University of Notre Dame

Matt Anderson (Ph. D. 2022) - Postdoctoral Associate at CHARA

Ellyn Baines (Ph.D. 2007) - Research Scientist at the Naval Research Laboratory.

Tabetha Boyajian (Ph.D. 2009) - Assistant Professor of Physics and Astronomy at Louisiana State University.

David Berger (Ph.D. 2003) - Chief Scientist at Evans Berger Scientific.

Thomas Fallon (Ph.D. 2003) - Professor at Kennesaw State University.

Christopher Farrington (Ph.D. 2009) - Night Operations Manager at the CHARA Array.

Kathryn Gordon (Ph.D. 2018) - Assistant Professor at University of Tampa.

Jeremy Jones (Ph.D. 2016) - Data Scientist at the CHARA Array.

Katie Lester (Ph.D. 2020) - Postdoctoral Fellow at NASA Ames.

Arturo Martinez (Ph.D. 2021) - Research Scientist at Bay Area Environmental Research Institute and NASA Ames Research Center

Ryan Norris (Ph.D. 2019) - Assistant Professor of Astronomy at New Mexico Tech.

David O’Brien (Ph.D. 2011) -

Chad Ogden (Ph.D. 2005) - Optical Engineer at L3Harris Technologies.

Deepak Raghavan (Ph.D. 2009) - Adjunct Faculty at Georgia State University.

James Robert Parks (Ph.D. 2014) - Instructor at Louisiana State University.

Noel Richardson (Ph.D. 2012) - Assistant Professor of Physics and Astronomy at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

Nic Scott (Ph.D. 2015) - Research Scientist at the CHARA Array.

Yamina Touhami (Ph.D. 2013) - Risk management consultant, Atlanta.

Wean-Shun Tsay (Ph.D. 1989) -

Nils Turner (Ph.D. 1998) - IT/Research Scientist at the CHARA Array