AAS Splinter Session - Seattle, Washington


High Angular Resolution View of Stars

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

10:00 am - 11:30 am

Washington State Convention Center, Room 304


Resolving the surfaces of stars at high spatial resolution provides unique ways to study stellar structure and evolution. This includes measuring stellar radii across a wide range of masses and evolutionary stages, imaging stellar surfaces to study the distribution of starspots and patterns of convection, resolving close binary companions, and studying circumstellar environments. This AAS splinter session will discuss recent science results obtained at milli-arcsecond resolution, opportunities for community access time at long-baseline optical/infrared interferometers, and upcoming advances in the field.


Time Speaker Presentation
10:00 Tabetha Boyajian Stellar Diameters and Characterizing Exoplanet Hosts
10:15 Rachael Roettenbacher Imaging Starspots on Magnetically Active Stars
10:30 Ryan Norris Studying Convection in Supergiants
10:45 Theo ten Brummelaar Community Access Time at the CHARA Array
11:00 Gerard van Belle Upgrades at the Navy Precision Optical Intereferometer
11:15 Michelle Creech-Eakman Future Outlook on the Magdalena Ridge Observatory Interferometer

Organizer: Gail Schaefer

Download the splinter session poster (pdf)