CHARA Summer Seminar 2020


WebEx Virtual Meetings

Wednesdays at 4 pm EDT = 1 pm PDT.


We are hosting a series of eight WebEx seminars in June and July, 2020 on observing with the CHARA Array interferometer.  The goal is to present a practical introduction on how to observe and analyze CHARA observations.  We hope that graduate students may find these helpful, but participation is open to anyone.  Each seminar will run for 60 minutes with the last 10 minutes reserved for Q&A.  Please contact Doug Gies if you are interested in joining the sessions.


Date Speakers Presentation Slides
June 3 Theo ten Brummelaar
Fabien Baron

How does CHARA work? Overview of Planning Tools.

June 10 Gail Schaefer CHARA Instruments, Web Resources, and Observing Proposals Beam Combiners
June 17

Theo ten Brummelaar
Jeremy Jones
Katie Lester
Gail Schaefer

Remote observing and data reduction. Observing and Data Reduction with CLASSIC/CLIMB

Remote Observing,
CLIMB Reduction,
CLASSIC Reduction

June 24 Jeremy Jones
(Dan Huber)
Observing and Data Reduction with PAVO PAVO
July 1 Robert Klement Observing and Data Reduction with VEGA VEGA
July 8 Tyler Gardner
Arturo Martinez
Observing and Data Reduction with MIRC-X MIRC-X
July 15 Fabien Baron OITOOLS library (data handling, plotting, model-fitting, imaging)  
July 22

Russel White
Jeremy Jones
Fabien Baron
Gail Schaefer
Douglas Gies

Science Opportunities Science Opportunities

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