The CHARA Array offers about 50 nights per year of open access time to the astronomical community through the NOIRLab peer review system.  As part of this new initiative, we plan to hold a number of one-day workshops at different locations over the next few years.  Our goals are to expand the user base for stellar interferometry and encourage new scientific investigations that will use the CHARA Array.  The workshop will provide an overview on interferometry, the science capabilities of the CHARA Array, and how to prepare and apply for observing time.

Topics that will be covered during the workshops include:

  • Stellar astrophysics at high angular resolution
  • Principles of stellar interferometry
  • Overview of the CHARA Array and other interferometers
  • How to apply for time at the CHARA Array
  • Observing strategies and planning for interferometric observations
  • Overview of modeling and imaging software


Upcoming Community Workshops

If you would like to attend one of the upcoming workshops, please register using the links above.  To schedule a CHARA Community Workshop at your institution, please contact Gail Schaefer (schaefer at


Past Workshops